Congratulations to voters for making cannabis legal for recreational use.


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...APRIL 20th, 2013 - ATTENTION DABBERS !!! Easy with that TORCH sonny...

Dabbing (vaporizing extracts) is supposed to be a safer alternative to smoking that introduces fewer impurities and avoids the nasty side products associated with combustion. BUT, we here at C-S have noticed an epidemic that is causing DABBERS to kill all hope of the vapor being safe. We're talking about using a BLOW TORCH to heat bowls until they are red hot, then dabbing and taking the vapor. The amount of heat being introduced by large torches is WAY OVERKILL and not only leads to formation of nasty COMBUSTION products, but you're now also getting PYROLYSIS and char products, which are even worse for your health.

"...it's a delicate cannabis extract, you aren't welding pipes!"

In reality, there is no need to get the temperature much hotter than the boiling point of the highest boiling compound you want included in the vapor. None of the CANNABINOIDS or TERPENES boil at temperatures above say 275C, so heating a bowl with a butane torch for 30 seconds until it exceeds 500C is destructive. You end up destroying to some degree the semi-volatile cannabinoids that you worked so hard to get, and you completely obliterate the delicate TERPENOID compounds that give cannabis such a wide variety of wonderful tastes and fragrances. So go easy with that flame, bro. Peace.



Must be persnickety today. Seeing 1 gram dabs in a single hit that gets held in the lungs under 10 seconds seems wasteful. Two things to think about here. First we have Le Chatlier's Principle in chemistry and a simililar principle in pharmacology and biochemistry (Wiki ADMET) that says a higher concentration of a chemical (drug) leads to increased absorption and increased plasma (blood) concentrations. The second consideration is the Law of Diminishing Returns: As you increase the concentration of vapor in the lungs (heavy hit), absorption of THC through the lungs increases but then at some point increased concentration does not result in increases in absorption; the excess is exhaled and wasted in addition to the usual exhaled waste.

We can only hold our breath so long. Holding longer means increased transfer or absorption of vapor components (THC). If someone smokes high potency cannabis, then they inherently have high potency exhale - even more THC is wasted but the higher concentration in the volumes that were taken in the lungs means stronger effect. So when we now taken into account that fine bud might be 20% Total THC, and fine BHO might be 80% THC, average exhale of BHO vapor wastes roughly 4 times more THC!

Each person is different but there is some number that exists and we-ed like to know what it is. The number represents the maximum number of micrograms of THC that an average set of lungs can absorb in an average breath. See what I'm sayin'? Anything above that number is waste. And while a 1 gram DAB in a single breath is severely manly, surely 90% of it is wasted. Can the lungs take 100mg of resin from a single vapor hit? Rebreather and recapture technology is needed. Scuba divers have it. So can DABBERS! Be safe.



1) Allow cannabis testing labs to operate.

2) Those labs will provide GC/MS analysis. GC/MS can identify and measure the amount butane, pesticides, and thousands of other potential impurities present in extracts. The process is straightforward, it is the law that sustains the ongoing ignorance and shallow body of knowledge on cannabis use.

3) Users become informed. Research and human knowledge on cannabis accelerates.

4) Appropriate legislation becomes enabled and supported by objective data regardless of wide-ranging opinions on cannabis.

*BHO is butane extract.



It is clear that the re-legalization of alcohol from it's prohibited state has caused many negative sociological implications. Now that alcohol (ethanol) is legal, teens are more prone to drinking it than when it was illegal, and our kids are being subjected to horrific situations such as drunkards at baseball games yelling at players that can't hear them. It has been demonstrated that alcohol is indeed a major gateway drug that introduces users to more serious drugs like heroin and PCP. Without a doubt alcohol also propagates other crimes. Statistics prove that the majority of heroin addicts used alcohol before moving on to other addictive drugs. How can we as a society just stand by and let this happen? More than 52% of respected politicians and lobbyists use alcohol on a regular basis and this most certainly affects their judgement, especially considering that alcohol is often consumed 'on the clock' when lunch/dinner meetings and fundraisers are occuring.

We haven't even gotten into the statistics regarding automobile fatalities, disease, deterioration of families, peripheral crime, and the short and long term consequences on the healthcare industry, not to mention the fact that you and I pay higher insurance rates (health and auto) because alcohol is legal, again. We are calling on each and every one of you to write to lawmakers (seriously) and let them know the dangers of keeping alcohol legal. (For those of you that insist that you have access, it's pretty easy to make at home). For those with entreprenuerial dreams to make lots of money, consider the implications of making alcohol illegal, again. The price of alcohol would suddenly be dependent on black market supply and demand. Anyone able to produce alcohol will have no trouble selling it on the street at TOP DOLLAR. No worries, once alcohol is illegal, buying it will be much easier for those under 21 due to said black market conditions.

Those of you so concerned about your right to choose for yourself should come around to the outdated mass majority opinion. We know what is best for you based on outdated and insufficient research. Believe us, alcohol is the root of every evil you could possibly name. The world population is so high, in part, due to alcohol (did you meet your significant other while under the influence?).

We at CANNABIS-SCIENCE.COM are outraged that lawmakers have let it go on this long. Alcohol is evil and it clouds perception. Major world religions prohibit consumption so how could we be wrong about this? Illegalize it!

We are making a formal request for citizens and lawyers to begin drafting and submitting en masse, legislative documents that outline increasing restrictions (taxes, tariffs, fines) on alcohol possession and distribution. Bill after bill after bill for the decriminalization of cannabis gets drafted by well-respected, educated people. Those bills enter the system and inevitably get killed without much thought. YOU (WE) can make a very serious point by ensuring that for every bill that is written in regard to cannabis decriminalization, there is also a bill that proposes to clamp down on alcohol, eventually making it illegal. The cannabis bills that we all work so hard to get to lawmkaers are generally rejected for the same tired reasons as ever. And it is THESE reasons for which alcohol is much more corrupting. The children, our society, health, healthcare costs, family, etc. When cannabis is rejected based on opinion as opposed to science, put the same opinion on alcohol and send it back to them. Even the playing field. Get the point across playing by THEIR rules.

No, this is not a joke. We are offically starting a campaign to ILLEGALIZE IT! We wish to prohibit the posession, importation, and/or distribution of ethanol for human consumption. Sure we're okay with ethanol being used as an alternative medicine, err we mean fuel. We don't mind if there are state-authorized boutiques here and there that can distribute small amounts of denatured ethanol for use in your car, preferably made by dropouts calling themselves experts and practitioners. Regardless of potential uses like low-emission renewable fuel, we believe alcohol should be federally prohibited for all uses but that each state can pass laws allowing its use as a fuel - just don't let the feds catch you or you'll face  a mandatory minimum.

We have zero tolerance for the mass abuse of such a hideous drug like alcohol for the sake of pleasure, socialization and stress reduction, or even medicinal purposes. Being compassionate folks, we do see it fit for alcohol to be a CSA Shedule III drug such that a doctor can prescribe it to patients that might benefit from it.

Is this satire? Sure, but we are indeed very serious. Satire is a very effective tool in political movements. Use it to your advantage. Draft legislation to remove access of alcohol from our kids. Help lawmakers increase their workload, give them some homework to do, help them work later. We must protect everyone! - Feb 2011 & 2013

                                               ***CHECK OUT DVD: KEN BURNS': PROHIBITION

                      BOYCOTT ALCOHOL



Cannabis is a widely misunderstood plant of great chemical diversity and cultural importance. As a result of the prohibition of marijuana and Draconian misclassification as a substance with 'no medicinal use', scientific and medical research on cannabinoids (active ingredients) is limited and retarded by federal permitting. Because cannabis research is restricted to groups approved by the governments, this biases development of the marijuana body of knowledge. In order to ensure that cannabis science and research is accessible and objective it must be rescheduled to Schedule III (i.e. Marinol, synthetic THC). Lawmakers are generally not scientifically educated and are easily manipulated by biased lobbying interests funded by corporations that would suffer financial decline should cannabis become a competitor.


DEA Judge Francis Young Recommends Rescheduling Cannabis Based on Safety

Puff-a-Day Marijuana Dose Helped Older Rats Remember


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